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Sites with botanical species descriptions:

Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia (IOSPE) in English
Encyclopedia of botanical orchids in the world, for each species there's a related information card on the lighting and temperature in the places of origin, flowering period, the possible scent, the size reached by the adult plant and the various synonyms used for it.

Phalaenopsis species in English
Collection of descriptions and photographs of the various species of botanical phalaenopsis, for each species are described accurately the shapes of leaves, flowers and flower stems, there are also some interesting personal notes of the author, a brief history of each species and graphs with the changes of temperature, relative humidity and amount of rain recorded in the places of origin of plants.

Phalaenopsis species by alphabetical order in English
Photographic collection of botanical species and primary hybrid of phalaenopsis, very beautiful pictures, complete and detailed collection.

Sites with growing tips:

Index of Orchids starting with A in English
General informations about some orchids species or hybrids and some advice to raise each of them.

Regnum Naturae, schede di coltivazione in Italiano
Schede di coltivazione generale per alcune delle più diffuse orchidee, botaniche e ibride. Buoni consigli di base, ottimo per i principianti.

Orchid Species Culture Sampler
(A Sampler of Culture Sheets and Articles
by Charles and Margaret Baker) in English

Sites with good informations about pests and diseases :

Le malattie che colpiscono le orchidee in Italiano

St. Augustine Orchid Society - Orchid Diseases in English

hark-orchideen - Pest and Diseases in English

American Orchid Society - Pests and Diseases in English

Missouri Botanical Garden - Common Garden Pests and Problems in English

On-line shops:

Orchids & More... Orchideenzucht in German or English
My favorite seller! You can order on-line or visit their greenhouses that are open twice a week. They are an amazing collection of every kind of orchids, so nice. International shipments, really good value per money.

Schwerter Orchideenzucht in German or English
My favorite online seller ... I've never visited their greenhouse but sometimes I bought online. Good plants arrived with a very robust package, "courier-proof"! Shipping at reasonable prices..

Roellke Orchideen in German or English

Orchidando Shop, Azienda Florovivaistica Il Sughereto in Italiano

Azienda agricola Nardotto e Capello in Italiano

Orchids events (exhibition, shows, markets, ecc):

Monte Porzio Catone - Città delle Orchidee in Italian

Internationale Orchiddentage - Esslingen in German

Der Münchner Orchideenmarkt in Planegg in German

European Orchid Council Conference and Exhibition in English

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