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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tolumnia triquetra, unexpected flowering

Tolumnia triquetra, orchid species on flowering, flowers detail
Tolumnia triquetra, flowering orchid species,
growing mounted on cork slab,
in my orchidarium shelf, self made (DIY)
(picture of 26 August 2012)

I bought this delightful miniature orchid in mid-July from my fauvorite orchid seller Orchids & More.
It was already flowering and the relocation did not bother, the flowers lasted more then two weeks before starting to fade quietly. During this period it also began vegetative growth,  a new shoot appeared at the base of the bigger fan of leaves. I thought I must wait until the maturation of the new fan to get further blooms, however the stem, as soon as it lost flowers, restarted working immediately!

Tolumnia triquetra miniature orchid on raft, new buds and new shoot Tolumnia triquetra miniature orchid on raft, new buds and new shoot
Tolumnia triquetra,
after the first flowering
a new shoot comes out on the base
and the sleeping bud on the stem wakes up
(picture of 2 August 2012)
Tolumnia triquetra,
starting second flowering
three new buds come out
the new shoot goes on growing
(picture of August 2012)

This is my first Tolumnia orchid, I wanted it because I think its flowers are beautiful and reading informations on the net it seemed to be a plant suitable to growing conditions I can offer.
She does not need extremes levels of humidity and likes to be dry between waterings, the only question I had was about the amount of light needed to make it flourish, in fact the Tolumnia species need bright light and  on my orchid-shelf  there are only two 23W lightbulbs from the energy saving lamp to grow orchids self made, but she confirmed to me that is enough!

Tolumnia triquetra, detail of new buds Tolumnia triquetra, detail of new buds growing
Tolumnia triquetra,
second flowering,
detail of new buds
(picture of 8 August 2012)
Tolumnia triquetra,
second flowering,
detail of growing buds
(picture of 17 August 2012)

The flowering took a little less than a month to mature, since the dormant bud was activated on August 1 until complete opening of the flowers on August 24. Flowers lasted almost the entire month of September!
Then flowers have faded quickly but the new fan is doing well so don't think I have to wait a long time befor this nice, generous miniature will rejoice me with new flowers!

Tolumnia triquetra, flowering orchid species, on raft
Tolumnia triquetra, on flowering the second time, 
growing in my orchidarium shelf, self made
(picture of 24 August 2012)

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