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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tolumnia triquetra, unexpected flowering

Tolumnia triquetra, orchid species on flowering, flowers detail
Tolumnia triquetra, flowering orchid species,
growing mounted on cork slab,
in my orchidarium shelf, self made (DIY)
(picture of 26 August 2012)

I bought this delightful miniature orchid in mid-July from my fauvorite orchid seller Orchids & More.
It was already flowering and the relocation did not bother, the flowers lasted more then two weeks before starting to fade quietly. During this period it also began vegetative growth,  a new shoot appeared at the base of the bigger fan of leaves. I thought I must wait until the maturation of the new fan to get further blooms, however the stem, as soon as it lost flowers, restarted working immediately!

Orchidarium shelf, self made (DIY).

Orchidarium shelf DIY built up on a simple shelf, with a DIY energy saving lamp and a DIY fogger
Orchidarium shelf, self made (DIY)
(pictures of 24 October 2012)

Orchidarium shelf DIY, at the beginning of the building up
Orchidarium shelf  DIY, the beginning
(pictures of 27 March 2012)
As always, space is tight and instead plants ... are never enough! After mounting the mini orchidarium I noticed that in my kitchen there was a lot of unused space, of course it was a bit high, and not really practical, but doable. Top of the refrigerator then there was just a nice space. So I recruited a volunteer. (!) At first I just wanted a simple shelf to better accommodate some poor Phalaenopsis in intensive care, in that corner does not come a lot of light, the window is two and a half meters far, a lamp was requested. I recycled an IKEA lamp built up with an energy saving light bulb 'Philips Tornado 23W 6500K cool daylight' for 12 hours a day with a timer-clock. The plants I settled ​​there were all a bit battered because saved in various garden shops for a few euro, after some time I started to think about how to provide them with a good air humidity ...