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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Orchids show Esslingen, 21 September 2012

Cattleya hybrid, dark red flower detail
Cattleya orchid, hybrid, dark red flower detail
(picture of 21 September 2012, Esslingen)
I waited a long time this event, international exhibitions are good to spend a beautiful day in the middle of a sea of ​​blooming orchids! I visited the site of the international exhibition of orchids Esslingen 2011 edition and there were many photos that I was really impressed, especially those relating to exhibitions, spectacular flower beds with trees and streams, all covered with ferns, mosses and hundreds of orchids in flower, I couldn't miss it! This was my first visit to the exhibition of Esslingen and was nice even though I expected that the fair was much larger, the exhibitors were provided but not as hoped and the prices were inflated almost all of which unfortunately is often the case here in  events  of strong appeal. Unfortunately many of the pictures I took did not turn out well because of the low light and of my camera, a bit dated, anyway there's still something  ...